Simmer VIP Package

Only 10 seats available in total!

The Simmer VIP Package Includes:

Simmer VIP Package

Simmer VIP Package

Simo Ahava

Simo Ahava is one of the most sought-after consultants and instructors in the technical marketing space. The Simmer VIP Package is practically the only way to access his consultant and in-person instructor services.

With Simo on board, you get refreshingly informal and straight-to-the-point consultancy. Simo did not only help us understand all the opportunities and pitfalls with server-side, but he also guided us through the entire setup from Google Tag Manager to Google Cloud to Google Analytics - step by step. I would recommend Simo to anyone who wants to be in the forefront of web analytics.
Thomas Fink
Senior Strategy & Design Consultant @ Arla

Who Is The Simmer VIP Package For?

The Simmer VIP Package is for individuals and teams who want to enjoy the best possible content Simmer has to offer and who want access to Simo Ahava’s unrivalled knowledge of the technical marketing space.

If you want to consult one of the top minds in tag management, online analytics, browser privacy protections, and data-driven organizations, the private interactions you are guaranteed in this package will be of immeasurable value to you.

How Does It Work?

When you successfully complete the purchase, you will immediately be entitled to the following goodies. You will also be personally contacted by Simo Ahava in order to organize your journey together.

You will be automatically enrolled into our flagship course: Server-side Tagging in Google Tag Manager. You will receive lifetime access to the course materials, and you will be able to join the dedicated chat stream in the Simmer Community.

You will receive one coupon with which you can enroll to any Simmer course, current or upcoming. You can use it immediately to get another seat in the Server-side Tagging In Google Tag Manager course, or you can wait it out until something else arrives that piques your interest. There is no expiration date for the coupon, but you can only use it a single time.

The Simmer Community is an invite-only chat for all Simmer students. With the Simmer VIP Package, you will receive a private stream with Simo Ahava in the community, where you can continue your discussions. The private stream can be expanded to include your team members or close colleagues.

You will be able to schedule five one-hour-long virtual calls with Simo Ahava. You can invite your team members or colleagues to join as well. Ideally, the calls would revolve around Simmer course content (in-person tuition), but you can also opt to have a free-flowing discussion or solve problems you have been having in your organization or in your projects.

Typical topics for the calls could be:

  • Tag management (deployment, best practices, obscure use cases)
  • Web and app analytics (deployment, best practices, debugging)
  • Browser tracking protections
  • Data-driven organizations (agile methodologies, solving communication issues)
  • Really anything related to data engineering, in particular to deployment and configuration of web analytics but extending also to cloud pipelines and server-side proxies

The calls need to be scheduled so that all five take place within three months of the purchase.

Refund Policy

Due to the intensive and tailored experience that the Simmer VIP Package is, there is no refund option for the purchase. It is thus imperative that you consider carefully whether it is the right option for you or not. 

On Working With Simo Ahava...

Simo was instrumental in helping us overcome a few complex issues with our Google Analytics implementation. He was extremely professional, friendly, and communicative throughout the entire process. Most importantly, he helped us identify and fix our problems in record time. I'd absolutely recommend working with Simo and won't hesitate to engage him again should we need his help again in the future.
Philip Johnson
Growth Strategy @ Cloudflare
Simo has been working very closely with the Sanoma digital analytics team for years. When I was running the analytics team, I enjoyed the comfort of knowing that we had Simo to support us and find answers even to the toughest technical questions. Simo was a valued member of our team and for me also a way to improve our employee retention. It was very easy collaborating with Simo and I learned from him a lot during our collaboration. I will be happy to work again with Simo any time in the future!
Iiris Lahti
Founding Partner @ AI Roots
Simo's level of knowledge on tag management and technical marketing in general is incredible and his ability and will to transfer this knowledge to others is unparalleled. His blog and community efforts have saved me, and I would argue the entire industry, countless hours of trial and error figuring stuff out. I tend to include the words "Simo Ahava" in my search queries if they are about anything tag management related. How about that for a reference. Besides all that, he's great guy to work with!
Rick Dronkers
Independent Marketing & Analytics Consultant
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