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"For me, learning JavaScript has only propelled my career because I could comprehend the technical docs, I could communicate to the engineer team in a better way, and I could build what I needed to track when there wasn’t an out-of-the-box solution."

Simmer’s course, JavaScript for Digital Marketers, is the perfect answer to, “What do I need to know, and how will it help with my current problem?”

The course is a natural progression of the building blocks because it is taught by the person who has heardsolved, and documented the areas that digital marketers deal with in their day-to-day. Not to mention, you will find what we all discover when we read a Simo blog: Delivery that is practical, in words we understand, without feeling patronized even though we read the blog three times to truly get it.

Do I feel like I am a developer now? No. Do I feel like I am technically capable? Yes.

Julie Sabor

"I'm a complete beginner to BigQuery and this course was the perfect introduction to get me started."

“This course gave me a great understanding of how GA4 data works in BigQuery, so I can’t wait to start exploring this for our clients.

I loved the way the lessons were bite-size, making it easy to digest each concept and also make you feel like you were continuously progressing. Each bite-size lesson builds on the next until you have all the building blocks needed to design any query you might need for your analysis.

I’d highly recommend this course for anyone interested in exploring GA4 data in BigQuery.”

"Having the chance to learn from the very best is not a chance to pass up."

Digital marketing centres around digital products – and the vast majority of these most of us work on are web applications.

Not only that, the tools we use to facilitate our users’ and customers’ experiences on those applications all speak the same language.

Therefore, to be a successful digital marketing practitioner it is critical to know the languages all these tools speak.

This language is JavaScript.

Simmer’s approach is to help you understand the core concepts of JavaScript in the context of digital marketing. This means that you will have the skills and confidence to set up a bullet-proof web tracking platform, tackle difficult challenges and become creative with the data you have access to.

Simo is widely known as the authority on this subject, and having the chance to learn from the very best is not a chance to pass up.

Jordan Peck

"If you're a Marketer, an Analyst or a Data Protection Officer and want to learn about ITP, 3rd-party cookies, and tracking protection features in different browsers, this course is the one for you."

I have had the privilege of working with Simo for over a decade. Simo was the key analytics advisor and developer back when we were implementing modern, GDPR-compliant Web Analytics at Elisa.

During this course you will receive practical instruction in the basic, need-to-know, and advanced concepts around these subjects. And the best part is, Simo is an extremely nice fellow and a pleasure to listen to!

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