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Mastering CSS Selectors

Learn all you need to know about CSS selectors.

Selecting the correct HTML element might make or break your marketing setup

Element selection is something you’ll run into in many disciplines under the “technical marketing” umbrella. While very common in tagging and digital analytics, you’ll find CSS selectors immensely useful in CRO, SEO, and web design, too. Simmer’s Mastering CSS Selectors course is designed to help you become fluent in the language of CSS selectors.

About this course

While you might think the concept of “HTML element selection” to be extremely niche and probably not useful in your day-to-day work, it might surprise you just how often you’ll come across a situation where you’ll need to both understand the HTML you are working with and select some element or elements in the markup for “scraping” the contents.

In fact, much of tag management today relies on the ability to interact with the web page using CSS selectors for targeting rules. Similarly, web design is all about writing efficient HTML structures not just for web browsers but also for digital marketers. You’ll run into CSS selectors elsewhere, too, for example when configuring an A/B test variation or when fine-tuning your technical SEO crawlers.

We designed this course to cater to a number of different student profiles. The course has a linear ramp-up progression, beginning with very straightforward introductory lessons, before diving into the nuts and bolts of element selection with CSS.

What you'll learn

This course will get you up-to-speed with CSS selectors. It’s a short, task-based, self-paced curriculum designed to tackle the use cases clearly and to provide you with all the necessary information you need to work with CSS selectors.

This course has been designed particularly as a companion to Simmer’s JavaScript For Digital Marketers course. Take a look at our bundle options to buy this course together with our other courses.

As with all Simmer courses, your enrollment in Mastering CSS Selectors comes with lifetime access to the material, which we will make sure stays always updated and relevant.

Course overview

  1. Course intro and curriculum
  2. What are CSS selectors?
  1. Basics of HTML / CSS / JavaScript in the context of element selection
  2. How to select elements based on tag name and special attributes
  3. How to select elements based on attributes and attribute values
  4. How to chain selectors together for positional selection
  1. Pseudo-classes
  2. Pseudo-elements
  3. Child and type selectors
  4. Selection through negation
  5. Writing more complex (but optimized) selector chains
  1. Optimize selector chains
  2. Work with developers to improve the HTML structure of the website
  3. Troubleshoot and debug CSS
  4. Comprehensive reference based on what you learned during the course

Task-based, bite-sized, self-paced lessons

The course is self-paced, and you can take it at your own leisure. The individual topics always contain text content to help flesh out the concepts. There are illustrations, links, and tips to help you understand more about the topic.

The text content frequently contains tooltips that point to entries in a glossary. There’s a lot of domain terminology introduced in this course, so the tooltips are almost essential.

Quizzes, certificate, and lifetime access

At the end of each section there will be a quiz to test your progress. After the last section, the quiz is the final quiz, which tests you on everything learned during the course.

Once you complete all course content, you will receive a certificate, which you can proudly share on social media and in your professional profiles.

As with all Simmer courses, upon enrollment you’ll receive lifetime access to the content and the Simmer Community.

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Hi, I'm Simo Ahava

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you watch the videos at normal speed and read everything there is to read, you will get through all the content in roughly 6 hours.

Once you enroll, you will get your Simmer login credentials that will let you access the course content. Shortly after, you’ll receive an email with your onboarding package.

You’ll also receive an invite to the Simmer Community and lifetime access to everything listed above.

Just that. Unless you specifically ask us to, we will not remove your access to the course content or to the Simmer Community.

You will also stay on the course email list, which we will never, ever use for marketing purposes. It is solely for distributing useful information about the course.

Nothing, really. We’ll show you how to run the JavaScript included in the course, and we’ll walk you through the necessary methods. 

JavaScript is just an interface for using CSS selectors – you absolutely don’t need to understand JS to understand CSS selectors. In fact, in many of the scenarios where you’ll need to utilize CSS selectors, such as in tag management systems, you won’t need to write any JavaScript at all.

We offer a full refund, no questions asked, if you request it within 30 days of your purchase and if you’ve got 100% completion of the course content. We really want you to give it your best shot – we are absolutely positive that you will find the course useful and the learning curve manageable.

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Mastering CSS Selectors

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