TMH #6: Web Browsers with Simo Ahava

Published 7 September, 2021

In this episode, the podcast host Simo Ahava delivers a solo episode.

Understanding how a web browser works is fundamental to all disciplines that are covered by the umbrella term of “technical marketing”.

Web browser is often the nexus of whatever mechanisms are required by things like analytics, advertising, and search engine optimization. It’s thus imperative to understand, at least on a broad level, the process of what happens when the browser fetches a resource from a web server.

There are so many moving parts to this, and it’s impossible to cover everything in this episode, but what you will receive is a broad overview of everything from the initial network request all the way to the browser signalling that the page render is complete.

We’ll return to many of the topics discussed here in future episodes. But for now, enjoy this overview.

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