TMH #8: Server-side Tagging and the Vegas Rule with Simo Ahava

Published 5 October, 2021

In this episode, Simo Ahava revisits Server-side Tagging, a topic discussed with Adam Halbardier in episode 5 of this podcast.

This time, we take a look at some of the misconceptions around server-side tagging, especially when it comes to what users perceive to be its best qualities.

Simo tackles ad blocker and consent circumvention, the idea of getting data back, the lack of transparency to what happens in the server, and he also shares some ideas for how to solve some of these problems.

Server-side tagging is still quite new, especially in Google’s offering. Its reputation is extremely fragile, as the temptation to do malicious things with it is pretty potent. 

It’s important to share education and to evangelize its redeeming qualities rather than focus on how to get more data at the expense of the user’s right to control their data use.

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