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Query GA4 Data In Google BigQuery

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Are you ready to redefine your approach to data?

Query GA4 Data In Google BigQuery is a comprehensive zero-to-hero course designed to teach you everything you need to know about raw data access, query, and analysis. Enroll now to learn how to become more skilled, more curious, and more adventurous with data!

Query GA4 Data In Google BigQuery

Query GA4 Data In Google BigQuery

What students are saying...

I can’t think of a better teacher to learn BigQuery from than Johan van de Werken. As a daily user of his site – GA4BigQuery.com – I can attest to his expertise of Google Analytics data in BigQuery and his willingness to help others learn. This is the training course I wish existed when I was learning BigQuery.
Jim Gianoglio
Associate Director Of Data Science, Solutions @ Bounteous

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Welcome to our zero-to-hero course in Google BigQuery. This course will teach you all you need to know about SQL and Google BigQuery, and you’re going to use the popular Google Analytics 4 data export as the basis for your explorations.

Google BigQuery is a data warehouse solution running on the Google Cloud Platform. But it’s not just for storing data – as its name implies, BigQuery is all about querying the data in order to answer your most burning analytics questions. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll prefer it to anything that the analytics platforms themselves offer natively in their user interfaces!

We designed this course to cater to a number of different student profiles. The course has a linear ramp-up progression, beginning with very straightforward introductory lessons, before diving into the different aspects of BigQuery using real-world data and real-world use cases.

-> If you work in an organization where GA4 is the leading web and app analytics toolthis course is for you.

-> If you want to leverage GA4 data outside of the GA user interface, to join and enrich it with other marketing, CRM and contextual data, this course is for you.

-> If you want to learn SQL in a meaningful way in the context of relevant marketing use cases, this course is for you.

-> If you want to perform advanced analysis on your GA4 data, this course is for you.

-> If you want to store your GA4 data in BigQuery (Google Cloud) and/or send it to your data warehouse in other cloud services like AWS, Azure, or Snowflake, this course is for you.

-> If you want to visualize your GA4 data in tools like Data Studio, Tableau, Looker, or PowerBI, this course is for you.

The course comprises bite-sized, task-based video lessons, plenty of supportive materials and text content, quizzes to test your knowledge, and LIFETIME ACCESS to the material.

The course includes...

Task-based, bite-sized, self-paced video lessons

The course comprises 70+ videos, grouped into lessons. Each lesson captures some essential part of Google BigQuery.

The videos are mainly voice-over screen recordings, with enhancements to make it easier to follow along. The course is self-paced, and you can take it at your own leisure.

The videos are accompanied with an interactive English transcript as well as subtitles to help you follow along.

The individual topics always contain text content to help flesh out the concepts, and there are also SQL references for new concepts learned during the lesson, as well as code snippets you can copy-paste into the SQL editor of Google BigQuery.

You don’t have to worry about building your own GA4 dataset for this course. By enrolling, you will get access to a BigQuery GA4 dataset prepared specifically for this course. It contains real-world data against which you can build queries to solve real-world problems!

GA4 data video anim

Quizzes, certificate, and lifetime access

After each section there will be a quiz to test your progress. After the last section, the quiz is the final quiz, which tests you on everything learned during the course.

Once you complete all course content, you will receive a certificate, which you can proudly share on social media and in your professional profiles.

As with all Simmer courses, upon enrollment you’ll receive lifetime access to the content and the Simmer Community. We update our courses periodically with new and updated content, and you will, of course, have access to all these updates, too.

There are also periodic office hours webinars which you are more than welcome to attend. If you can’t join live, a recording and a webinar log will be provided a few days after the webinar is over.

The course curriculum includes...

The course comprises five sections, with 70+ videos, and a total running time of 7+ hours.

1. Getting Started

  1. Setup the BigQuery environment
  2. Link Google Analytics 4 and Google BigQuery
  3. Access the course dataset
  4. Explore the Google Analytics 4 export schema
  5. Run your first SQL query
Getting Started

2. Events & Users

  1. Understand GA4’s session and user data models
  2. Sessionize the event data stream in BigQuery
  3. Group data by users and different user-based dimensions
  4. Access user properties
  5. Learn how to unnest data
  6. Learn about query costs (and optimization)

3. Engagement & Retention

  1. Replicate and customize GA4’s sessionization logic
  2. Use “engagement” as a way to segment data
  3. Build custom pathing reports to show how users navigate your website
  4. Build comprehensive event reports and event funnels
  5. Replicate and customize GA4’s retention model
  6. Integrate Google BigQuery with Google Data Studio

4. Monetization & Lifetime Value

  1. Explore the ecommerce event schema in the GA4 data
  2. Calculate ecommerce metrics
  3. Explore how GA4 utilizes “items” in ecommerce events
  4. Build a comprehensive items funnel report
  5. Calculate and visualize the lifetime value of users

5. Advanced Queries

  1. Learn advanced techniques for working with Google BigQuery and Google Analytics 4
  2. Craft your own concept of an “engaged session”
  3. Combine GA4 data with other public datasets
  4. Flatten the GA4 schema to work with relational databases
  5. And many more… this section is constantly updated with new content

I'm Johan, your instructor

My name is Johan van de Werken. I live in the Netherlands (Utrecht area) with my wife and two daughters. I like my beer cold, my music loud, and whenever possible I unite these two hobbies by playing bass guitar in a band and attending concerts.

By day, I work at New10 as a Digital Analyst.

On the off-hours, however, I work on my claim to fame: the GA4BigQuery.com website, which is full of useful resources for working with Google BigQuery, especially when looking through the lens of the Google Analytics stack.

Simmer Community

This is where the magic happens.

With course access, you will also receive an invitation to the Simmer Community, where you can ask questions and interact with fellow students. 

The community has already proven to be an extremely useful source of information, and many of the discussions in the community are extended into new content in the course itself.

As with course access, you will have lifetime access to the Simmer Community.

Simmer Community

What students are saying...

I'm a complete beginner to BigQuery and this course was the perfect introduction to get me started. I know a huge benefit of GA4 is the ability to link to BigQuery, and I was keen to understand how I can utilise this for our clients.

This course gave me a great understanding of how GA4 data works in BigQuery, so I can't wait to start exploring this for our clients.

I loved the way the lessons were bite-size, making it easy to digest each concept and also make you feel like you were continuously progressing. Each bite-size lesson builds on the next until you have all the building blocks needed to design any query you might need for your analysis.

I'd highly recommend this course for anyone interested in exploring GA4 data in BigQuery.

Tess Holloway
Digital Analyst Lead @ One Further

Bartłomiej Kaczmarczyk
GA & GTM Expert @ sssem.Ninja

For a long time, I had been looking for a course that I could take to improve my skills with Google BigQuery. Recently, this search had only become more intense, ever since Google Analytics 4 introduced the free BigQuery data export.

Finally, Team Simmer released their BigQuery course. I knew the course would be MEGA and FIRE, and I wasn't disappointed!

The course includes great tuition, clear explanation of BigQuery functions, and useful examples of queries. I spent a dozen or so hours on the content, and I will be returning to it regularly. I highly recommend this course!

Mehdi Oudjida

Mehdi Oudjida
Freelance Digital Analytics Consultant

Query GA4 Data In Google BigQuery – What a nice training cross-over regarding current & upcoming challenges in analytics with Google's measurement tools!

Google BigQuery is a difference-maker, and mastering the model of manipulated data is mandatory for digital analysts.

The course is taught by prestigious GA & BigQuery experts, so I felt no uncertainty when deciding to enroll in this course.

Now, I'm enjoying the syllabus, and as icing on the gourmet cake, Simmer is not just courses but a complete learning environment with newsletters, chats with trainees & teachers, live webinars...

Thank you Johan, Simo & Mari for this tremendous & original experience.

Berber Bijlsma
Digital Analyst @ GrandVision Benelux

Johan is clear, friendly, and supportive. He taught me how to query Google Analytics data in BigQuery step-by-step.

I couldn't do my job as a marketing professional if he had never helped me.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to complete the course?

If you watch the videos at normal speed, you will get through all the content in roughly 10 hours

2. What will I get upon enrollment?

Once you enroll, you will get your Simmer login credentials that will let you access the course content. Shortly after, you’ll receive an email with your onboarding package. If you provided the information at checkout, you will also receive access to the course dataset

You’ll also receive an invite to the Simmer Community and lifetime access to everything listed above.

3. What does “lifetime access” mean?

Just that. Unless you specifically ask us to, we will not remove your access to the course content or to the Simmer Community.

You will also stay on the course email list, which we will never, ever use for marketing purposes. It is solely for distributing useful information about the course.

4. How much do I need to know about Google BigQuery before enrolling?

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know. 

If you do want to get your feet wet, we recommend you take the Mode Analytics SQL Tutorial. It’s not BigQuery-specific, but it’s an excellent (and free!) resource for learning about SQL.

5. How much do I need to know about Google Analytics 4?

The more the better. This is not a Google Analytics 4 course. We will simply be using Google Analytics 4 as the dataset we’ll run our queries against.

While you can certainly learn BigQuery (and SQL) thoroughly without knowing anything about GA4, it might help to take some courses (see this or this) in case you want to understand the world of GA4 better.

6. What if I’m not satisfied with the course?

We offer a full refund, no questions asked, if you request it within 30 days of your purchase and if you’ve got 100% completion of the course content. We really want you to give it your best shot – we are absolutely positive that you will find the course useful and the learning curve manageable.

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