Unlock advanced insights with Google BigQuery and Google Analytics 4

Query GA4 Data In Google BigQuery

Get started with Google BigQuery, learn to utilize the GA4 data export by building basic and advanced queries, and tackle real life digital marketing use cases.

Get the most out of your raw GA4 event data and immerse yourself in the world of queries.

Query GA4 Data In Google BigQuery

Query GA4 Data In Google BigQuery

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I can’t think of a better teacher to learn BigQuery from than Johan van de Werken. As a daily user of his site – GA4BigQuery.com – I can attest to his expertise of Google Analytics data in BigQuery and his willingness to help others learn. This is the training course I wish existed when I was learning BigQuery.
Jim Gianoglio
Associate Director Of Data Science, Solutions @ Bounteous

Course Deliverables

Johan van de Werken
(Digital Analyst @ New10)
is known for his amazing and thorough resource, GA4BigQuery.com. In this course, he will share with you his library of knowledge when it comes to Google BigQuery.

Course Details

Total Length of Videos

5+ hours

Course Price

599 €

Enrollment Open Until

22nd August

Course Description

This course is designed for marketing professionals who want to dive into the world of queries, and for data professionals who need to skill up on GA4-specific knowledge.

It is meant for beginner, intermediate, and advanced Google Analytics 4 users who don’t necessarily have any knowledge of data warehouses, SQL, or of querying GA4 data. It is also appropriate for data professionals (analysts, engineers) who need GA4-specific domain knowledge to be able to extract the export data in a meaningful way.

The course will cover all you need to know about designing, writing and executing queries for your organization’s needs. 

What Is A "Task-Based" Approach?

In this context, “task-based” means that every single topic, lesson, and section has been designed for immediate application.

Rather than spend time on theory and background, the lessons will tackle the subject matter with pragmatism, and the theoretical component will emerge as a by-product of actually doing the tasks.

How Does The Course Work?

Enrollment is open until 22nd August 2021.

You will have access to course content from 9th August 2021 onwards. Before this date, you will be able to watch the introductory videos, and you will be able to see the full curriculum.

Once you have enrolled, you will have lifetime access to the course, including any updates to the course material.

The course is self-paced, but there will be a schedule you can optionally follow. The schedule will include a weekly email containing additional tips and resources for attendees, and there will also be a weekly office hours live video conference where your questions will be answered.

Once you enroll, you will receive an onboarding package in your email with all the information you need.

Key Features

This course is for you if..

Contact us for the group discount and invoice option (only for 3+ orders).
Johan is clear, friendly, and supportive. He taught me how to query Google Analytics data in BigQuery step-by-step. I couldn't do my job as a marketing professional if he had never helped me.
Berber Bijlsma
Digital Analyst @ GrandVision Benelux

Course Content

The course comprises six sections, containing 14 lessons in total. Each lesson is typically 3–4 short videos, each tackling a single, practical aspect of the subject matter. All the sections (apart from Introduction and Advanced Queries) end in a quiz, with a final quiz waiting at the very end. Once the final quiz is complete, the student will receive a certificate.

  • Lesson 1: Introduction – Learn what this course is about
    What is the overall structure of the course and what tools, access, and knowledge are required.
  • Lesson 2: Setup – Enable the GA4 data export
    How to create a Google Cloud Platform account, create a BigQuery (sandbox) environment, and setup the GA4 data export.
  • Lesson 3: Explore GA4 Data – Getting used to the GA4 dataset
    Everything you need to know in order to perform your first GA4 query.
  • Lesson 4: Event Exploration – Identify peak days and hours on your site
    Counting GA4 sessions on multiple days using a combination of static and dynamic date ranges.
  • Lesson 5: User Dimensions – Get to know your users
    Definitions of users in GA4 and how to query user dimensions such as traffic source, geolocation, device, and browser info.
  • Lesson 6: User Properties – Get the most out of custom user characteristics
    Combine unnested user properties with user data.
  • Lesson 7: (Engaged) Sessions – Build a basic traffic acquisition report
    Count engaged sessions, and explore session traffic sources.
  • Lesson 8: Page Tracking – Get insights in (landing) page performance
    Calculate (unique) pageviews for (landing / exit) pages, and identify previous and next pages.
  • Lesson 9: Events – Monitor enhanced measurement interactions
    How to deal with events, event parameters, and event values to explore interactions.
  • Lesson 10: Retention – Create a user retention table
    Count new and returning users, and calculate user retention by cohort.
  • Lesson 11: Ecommerce – Build a basic ecommerce report
    All metrics you need to extract and calculate to build a basic ecommerce report.
  • Lesson 12: Items – Create an item funnel from view to purchase
    How to build an item funnel based on GA4 event data.
  • Lesson 13: Lifetime Value – Identify your most valuable customers
    Count user lifetime revenue and purchase frequency.
  • Lesson 14: Advanced Queries – Customize your GA4 event data and perform advanced analysis
    Advanced queries to sessionize your GA4 dataset, create your own channel groupings, perform path analysis, create your own definition of engaged sessions, combine GA4 with other (public) data sources, and more…

Quiz of everything covered in the course. A certificate will be awarded upon quiz completion.