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JavaScript For Digital Marketers

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Learning JavaScript can be just the thing that your career needed!

JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world. It is also one of the fundamental building blocks of the World Wide Web. Simmer’s JavaScript For Digital Marketers teaches you patterns, mental models, and approaches that will help you become a better digital marketer and/or digital professional. 

JavaScript For Digital Marketers – Online Course By Simmer

JavaScript For Digital Marketers – Online Course By Simmer

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It's evolved far beyond its initial premise of complementing HTML and CSS as the third component to the technology stack of the web. Today, JavaScript can be found in anything from server architecture to front-end UX and from mobile apps to smart devices. Due to its versatility, it's become the language of the World Wide Web, and as such, it's the cornerstone of all the tools and services we use to monitor and interact with the Web. Digital marketing is one of the industries where tools and services like these proliferate. In digital marketing, we build experiences, and these experiences are built, maintained, measured, and adjusted with JavaScript, more often than not. At Simmer, we wanted to build an online course that would zero in on JavaScript concepts that people working in digital marketing most often come face to face with. We've built this course, JavaScript for Digital Marketers, as a way to help marketers better understand the realm they work in. While there's a lot of programming in the course, I do take the time to talk you through the mental models behind the code too. The course comprises around 70 bite-sized task-based videos. Each topic includes text content that helps you understand the concept discussed in the video. In addition to the roughly seven hours of video content, there are optional exercises, quizzes, and supplementary materials to keep you busy. The course has been designed so that you can take it in any order you like, but the progression is at its most logical when you digest the content in order. We start with the basic building blocks of JavaScript as we review the different values and types available in the language. While talking about most popular statements and expressions, we'll keep building a pattern library of sorts to work as your toolkit when you navigate the world of JavaScript, especially in the context of digital marketing. As with all Simmer courses, when you enroll, you will get lifetime access to the course material, including any updates we'll be adding along the way. You'll also get access to the Simmer Community, which should prove to be invaluable for this course in particular. I can't wait to work with you in the community, where we can solve together any JavaScript problems you might have in your daily work. Now, I've said this with all Simmer courses, but this time I really, really mean it. Scout's honor. This course is my passion project. I've worked with JavaScript for over two decades now and I'm constantly surprised by its versatility. At the same time, I fully acknowledge this versatility comes at a cost. JavaScript can be said to be too forgiving, too lax, and I agree with this. That's why so much of this course is focused on building a library of best practices so that you can contribute to the code designed and used in your organization without having to feel ashamed of it or worried if it will break things. Please take a look at the course page, and if you feel like you want to improve your standing in your digital marketing organization by becoming the go-to JavaScript whiz, don't hesitate to enroll in the course. Thank you for indulging me by watching this video, and I hope to see you in the Simmer Community soon.

What students are saying...

Digital marketing centres around digital products – and the vast majority of these most of us work on are web applications.

Not only that, the tools we use to facilitate our users' and customers' experiences on those applications all speak the same language.

Therefore, to be a successful digital marketing practitioner it is critical to know the languages all these tools speak.

This language is JavaScript.

Simmer's approach is to help you understand the core concepts of JavaScript in the context of digital marketing. This means that you will have the skills and confidence to set up a bullet-proof web tracking platform, tackle difficult challenges and become creative with the data you have access to.

Simo is widely known as the authority on this subject, and having the chance to learn from the very best is not a chance to pass up.

Strategic Solutions Architect @ Snowplow

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Welcome to JavaScript For Digital Marketers. 

For the longest time, JavaScript has been the most important programming language to learn for professionals working on the World Wide Web. This includes the countless digital marketing experts whose job it is to design, serve, and measure campaigns for various products and services.

However, the barrier to learning JavaScript has always been high. The language started as a complement to the other tools of the web design stack (HTML and CSS), and soon evolved into a full-blown, full stack, comprehensive, and ubiquitous programming language suite in its own right.

For many, learning JavaScript became more about learning how to search StackOverflow (or similar forums). Additionally, JavaScript is so huge that it’s difficult to know just where to start and, importantly, where to stop. This is particularly true in digital marketing, where use cases can range from the simple (accessing some value stored on the page) to complex (building an analytics suite).

For this reason, we created this course at Simmer. We wanted to create a resource designed specifically with digital marketers in mind.

However, JavaScript itself doesn’t know what a “digital marketer” is, and there are no dedicated methods or variables or APIs (by the way, all of these terms are explained in the course) for these “digital marketers”. So even if you’re not a digital marketer, this course is suitable for you, as we learn patterns and tools that are useful for anyone.

JavaScript is a wonderful language, full of “a-ha” moments that mutate frustrations into solutions and struggles into takeaways

This course is for you, if...

-> You work in web analytics, technical SEO, conversion rate optimization, or with tag management solutions, or

-> You have a basic understanding of JavaScript, and you are looking for practical lessons and guidance to help you become a better programmer, or

-> You are literate in some other programming language, and you want to transfer your knowledge into understanding JavaScript, or

-> You want to learn how to communicate better with the web developers you work with, or

-> You want to explore new career paths which focus on web development, or

-> You are looking for task-based instruction from an expert instructor supported by a strong community of your peer learners.

This course might not be for you, if...

-> You don't know anything about JavaScript and are unwilling to learn even the basics, or

-> You are not interested in JavaScript in the context of the web browser, or

-> You want a full, end-to-end, all-things-covered course about JavaScript.

The course includes...

Task-based, bite-sized, self-paced video lessons

The course comprises 60+ videos (~7 hours of content), grouped into lessons. Each lesson covers a broader topic, such as JavaScript statements and expressions or advanced patterns

The videos are mainly voice-over screen recordings, with enhancements and English subtitles to make it easier to follow along. 

The course is self-paced, and you can take it at your own leisure. The individual topics always contain text content to help flesh out the concepts. There are code snippets, illustrations, links, and tips to help you understand more about the topic. 

The text content frequently contains tooltips that point to entries in a glossary. JavaScript is riddled with obscure terminology, and the glossary should prevent you from being overwhelmed. 

Programming exercises in the course are done in the browser’s JavaScript console. This is a great tool for testing your code on an actual web page. In other words, the only thing you need to get started with the course is a web browser with internet access. The browser we use in the videos is Google Chrome, but we don’t do anything that wouldn’t work in other browsers, too.

Quizzes, certificate, and lifetime access

At the end of each section there will be a quiz to test your progress. After the last section, the quiz is the final quiz, which tests you on everything learned during the course.

Once you complete all course content, you will receive a certificate, which you can proudly share on social media and in your professional profiles.

As with all Simmer courses, upon enrollment you’ll receive lifetime access to the content and the Simmer Community.

JS Certificate

The course curriculum includes...

The course comprises five sections, with 60+ videos, and a total running time of 6+ hours.

1. Introduction

  1. Course intro and curriculum
  2. Learn about the JavaScript console in the web browser
  3. Additional learning resources
  4. Glossary of key terms

2. Core Concepts

  1. Revisit (or learn) the basic building blocks of JavaScript
  2. Learn about different JavaScript types and value assignments
  3. Understand the difference between statements and expressions
  4. Start building your own “pattern library”

3. Helpful Patterns

  1. JavaScript in the web browser
  2. The Document Object Model and CSS selectors
  3. Asynchronous JavaScript
  4. Array methods, iterators, loops, ternary expressions, IIFEs, and more…

4. Applied JavaScript

  1. How marketing tags work, and how marketing tags SHOULD work
  2. Dangerous patterns used by marketing scripts and how you can handle them
  3. How JavaScript works in and with Google Tag Manager
  4. An ever-expanding “How Do I…?” section for specific solutions to questions emerging from students and from the Simmer Community

5. Advanced Use Cases

  1. Patterns you won’t need on a daily basis but that are good to know about
  2. Promises, constructors, “this”, regular expressions, and more
  3. JavaScript patterns introduced in ECMAScript 6 (and later versions), such as new variable keywords, arrow functions, destructuring assignments, spread syntax, and more
Tracking Protections
Simo Ahava

Hi, I'm Simo Ahava, your instructor

I’m a developer working specifically with digital analytics and web browsers. I have been working with JavaScript ever since it was just a scripting language for making the background of a web page flash with random colors.

I use JavaScript on a daily basis, both in a digital marketing context and as a full-stack developer of apps, products, and services.

I love JavaScript. And after taking this course, I’m sure you will too!

Simmer Community

This is where the magic happens.

With course access, you will also receive an invitation to the Simmer Community, where you can ask questions and interact with fellow students. 

The community has already proven to be an extremely useful source of information, and many of the discussions in the community are extended into new content in the course itself.

As with course access, you will have lifetime access to the Simmer Community.

Simmer Community

What students are saying...

Simo pioneered customized, effective, practical reporting metrics in Google Analytics used by many of the top marketing agencies.

This was all done through JavaScript.

Not only were these implementations used in business critical applications, but they also inspired a generation of non-technical marketers to learn and deploy their own JavaScript customizations.

If there's one person you'd want to learn JavaScript from, it's Simo.

Dave Sottimano
Owner @ David Sottimano Search consulting

It's increasingly important for digital marketers, advertisers, and businesses to understand JavaScript.

The modern web is powered by JS, and Team Simmer provide the tools and training to help people unlock the full potential of their martech, campaigns, and optimization efforts.

Jono Alderson
Head Of SEO @ Yoast
Julie Sabor

Julie Sabor
Solutions Architect @ twilio

"...but I’m not a developer," said every digital marketer at some point in their career when they thought of a cool idea to implement.

While we all respect our developers that help us through the complex data collection situations (among many other important items), there are times when you, the digital marketer, can expedite the process to collect, debug, or build your own code using one of the top programming languages among martech products - JavaScript.

The #1 way to learn, and more importantly, retain, programming languages is to use them in your daily tasks because you are able to put context to code.

Simmer’s course, JavaScript for Digital Marketers, is the perfect answer to, “What do I need to know, and how will it help with my current problem?”

The course is a natural progression of the building blocks because it is taught by the person who has heard, solved, and documented the areas that digital marketers deal with in their day-to-day. Not to mention, you will find what we all discover when we read a “Simo blog”: Delivery that is practical, in words we understand, without feeling patronized even though we read the blog three times to truly get it.

For me, learning JavaScript has only propelled my career because I could comprehend the technical docs, I could communicate to the engineer team in a better way, and I could build what I needed to track when there wasn’t an out-of-the-box solution.

Do I feel like I am a developer now? No. Do I feel like I am technically capable? Yes.

All in all, courses are springboards. They are opportunities to help us become more curious, go deeper down the rabbit hole, and end with saying, “Look what I built.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to complete the course?

If you watch the videos at normal speed and read everything there is to read, you will get through all the content in roughly 10 hours

2. What will I get upon enrollment?

Once you enroll, you will get your Simmer login credentials that will let you access the course content. Shortly after, you’ll receive an email with your onboarding package.

You’ll also receive an invite to the Simmer Community and lifetime access to everything listed above.

3. What does “lifetime access” mean?

Just that. Unless you specifically ask us to, we will not remove your access to the course content or to the Simmer Community.

You will also stay on the course email list, which we will never, ever use for marketing purposes. It is solely for distributing useful information about the course.

4. How much do I need to know about JavaScript before enrolling?

While the course can be navigated through without any prior JavaScript experience, we strongly recommend you build a baseline understanding by going through the (free) Basic JavaScript curriculum of freeCodeCamp.

The course is designed to teach you patterns and mental models for working with JavaScript, with a focus on digital marketing use cases.

6. What if I’m not satisfied with the course?

We offer a full refund, no questions asked, if you request it within 30 days of your purchase and if you’ve got 100% completion of the course content. We really want you to give it your best shot – we are absolutely positive that you will find the course useful and the learning curve manageable.

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