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Web Browsers And Tracking Protections

Web Browsers And Tracking Protections

task-based learning.
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online courses with a focus on technical marketing

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learning should be emergent

Simo is my go-to person for anything related to technical marketing and one of my references for Web Analytics! These courses are an extension of him and what he knows, and it should be a no-brainer to enroll if you're looking to learn about technical marketing from the best.

Simmer VIP - Limited Offer

There are a limited number of seats available in the Simmer VIP package. This exclusive offer includes:

  • Server-side Tagging in Google Tag Manager enrollment
  • Coupon for free course access
  • Five in-person calls between Simo Ahava and your team
  • Private stream with Simo Ahava in the Simmer Community

"I was simmering, simmering, simmering..."

Following the immortal words of Walt Whitman, we'll help you simmer so that you can bring yourself to a boil. Our courses are designed to awaken the technical marketer within.

Mari and Simo Ahava – Co-founders

Simmer focuses on task-based learning. Every single part of every single course is designed for application and not just for theory. While it is obviously important to understand the concepts, we believe that understanding emerges from action and immersion in the subject matter

While we don’t discourage our students from bingeing the content, we do introduce a pace in our courses. Ideal progression is a couple of hours of learning per week, so that a little work is done every weekday. It could be as little as watching a single 5-minute-long video or reading a reference article while waiting for a boring video conference to end.

Our core values are ingrained in respect, humility, self-confidence, and altruism. Even though we are a business that needs to turn a profit, we take pride in going above and beyond our commercial interests to ensure that anyone has a chance to benefit from the material we create. We want to build something that we as a family can be proud of.

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