TMH #4: Search Intelligence with Dawn Anderson

Published 10 August, 2021

I was fortunate enough to sit down (virtually) with Dawn Anderson of Bertey.

If you follow her on Twitter (you should!), you’ll know that she’s one of the most vocal and prolific voices around deciphering the operational logic of search engines and how that information should be applied to the industry of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

We discuss the world of ranking and querying algorithms, how SEO and search in general have evolved over the years, and we try to imagine what the perfect organization for delivering solid SEO results in 2021 looks like.

It’s difficult to discuss search engines without having a funny feeling in the stomach of search engineers laughing at us as we try to make sense of the obfuscated, super complicated machine they have built. But at the same time, there’s a lot of things we do know, in no small part thanks to people like Dawn who take the time to dig into the research and in that way try to reverse engineer the mechanisms of this machine.

I’m ever so grateful for this reminder that SEO is more than just about delivering links, or creating wonderful content, or figuring out the correct keywords. It’s an organization-wide paradigm which should be of interest to anyone in the organization, not just those whose job title has the “SEO” word in it.

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