TMH #12: Missing Motivation with Simo Ahava

Published 30 November, 2021

It’s just Simo Ahava alone, again. But this time it’s somehow fitting, as the topic of this podcast is motivation.

Over the last four years or so, I’ve been really struggling with motivation, trying to stay excited about working in data and analytics.

I’ve been writing an analytics blog for eight years now, I’m still very active in a million different practitioner communities, and we founded Simmer with my wife so that we could scale up this type of work to an even larger community.

But it’s the actual work with data and analytics that’s got me in a slump.

In this podcast, I want to share four reasons that contribute to my motivation issues. I think they’re familiar to most who work in analytics.

I’ve also curated some ideas for overcoming these motivation slumps. I think they work because, well, I’m still here, right?

Please indulge me in this particularly personal and anecdotal episode. Thank you.

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