TMH #13: Take Care Of Your Expertise with Simo Ahava

Published 14 December, 2021

It’s time for the last episode of 2021! I’m taking a little holiday break and will return in 2022 with new episodes.

(Remember that if you want to suggest a guest for me (please do!), you can send me an email with your suggestion: simo (at) I’m looking for a (more) diverse cast of guests; people who can talk with absolute expertise and authority about some aspect of technical digital marketing.)

In this episode, we’re treading in self-help territory again. Building and maintaining expertise in any given field is hard until it isn’t. I share some of my strategies for how to keep that baseline and foundational level of expertise strong and healthy, as I firmly believe that’s the only way to branch out to more advanced topics in the long term.

The best strategy? Engage and help others, and make knowledge sharing a reflex. When you impart your on knowledge on someone else, the net gains for you are resounding. 

Thank you so much for your support. This podcast has been a wonderful journey, and I hope you’ve enjoyed listening as much as I’ve enjoyed hosting the episodes. Thank you to all my wonderful guests, too!

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